I am taking my pictures mostly with my Cellphone and small (Sony RX100m5) camera. That’s easy. Getting them into Jekyll, not a problem, either. Presenting them, while still getting a good page speed score, on the other hand, that was one.

In the end, I’ve settled on a simplified model: Dropshare (runs on iOS and Mac), Gulp, and a small plugin of less than ten lines.

I’ve configured Dropshare on both iOS (iPad 10.5 Pro) and Mac to upload to a directory on my server via SCP. Appache serves parts of this directory under the /files/uploads. This will change as soon as Let’s Encrypt allows wildcard SSL certificates and move to files.hjarta.io. The cool part is, I only have to change two lines and re-push the site.

A simple Gulp Task shrinks and applies imagemin to all newly uploaded images:

Lastly, a plugin (in _plugins), just requires me to type {% pftag <filename> %} to get a lightboxed version going. What’s easier than that?


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