hjarta.io in English

Asking for content translations is easy. Just … well… ask 🙂

hjarta.io is, with the exception of some videos, written and spoken in German, my (second) native language.

I do realize that I have a bunch of non-German visitors, though, most coming in from the “olden days” when jluster.org, the old domain which is now mapped here, held 16 years of English language content. So, without much ado, here’s the deal:

If you came here looking for something, found it, and it is in German: let me know. I’ll go right ahead, translate it, and send you a link to the new entry. It’s that easy. Over time this should mean most of the site will be translated into English.

If you want it in any other language… well, why don’t you do the translating? I’ll furnish you with an English or German version, not a Google Translate one, and you’ll get totally non-famous on the Interwebs, because less than 1000 people come here every day. Not the kind of Influencer you seek, but still…

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