When do we truly “arrive?” I came here about a month ago, ceremoniously unpacked my 23 kilos worth of remaining life, found a supermarket and cafe, and life went back to somewhat normal.

This is all that is left from a 1300 sq ft (ca.

All that's left of a 1300 sqft house

I went to the beach for the first time today. The water is blue and green and warm, it's a holiday maker's paradise. It didn't feel like a holiday.

I don't speak Greek, my six or seven phrases get me through the day so far, classes begin next week. Still, everyone speaks English here, and the hardest part isn't communicating but to practice Greek (Cypriot Greek is a whole 'nother animal, too) in a country everyone is so extremely friendly and helpful, they'll switch to English the second they notice someone struggle.

When do you arrive? When we get through our days, get what we need (thanks, Amazon), find what we're looking for? When we make friends? When we call it home? I don't know... but I guess, for the first time, I'll find out.