New Tats

I don’t plan it that way, but it seems the “one tattoo per year” rule still stands. Which, let’s face it, isn’t a cool as it sounds. My tattoos aren’t meant to be art or “body art,” but mostly reminders to myself about times, events, and people I love(d) or that changed me forever.

Change every year, that’s exhausting at times. Last year saw the addition of a Camino Santiago themed motive, this year it’s molecules and the very likely possibility I’ll be leaving Germany for a time next year.

The larger molecule ist ATP, adenosine triphosphate. I figured that, all things considered, the one thing that makes us “tick” (and murders med students who struggle counting NAD+ and FAD) deserves a prominent place. Next to it, the four primary nucleobases adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine (didn’t have space and time for uracil), as the building blocks of life’s many choices. Finally, to round up sex, drugs, and life, testosterone and caffeine.

A Weird Move

I used to start my Life Psychology classes with a very much simplified way of looking at risk taking personalities.

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