HOWTO: Posting to (any) Mastodon Server from the command line

Some Mastodon servers allow bots/automated posting. My server ( happens to be one of those, within limits. Limits meaning: we do not allow fully automated accounts, but supplementing your timeline with both Twitter and automated data is fine.

This is how to do this quickly:

Install toot

npm install -g toot (you might have to sudo this)

Configure toot

```[pons] [~]⟩ toot Before you start using toot, you need to authenticate with your Mastodon server. prompt: Enter a name for this app: (toot-client-537) {{some name}}-poster prompt: Enter the domain name of your Mastodon instance e.g. (

Please visit:

{{ url }}

in your browser and enter the code you were given back

prompt: Enter the pass code from your browser: {{ code }} Autentication complete! ```

That's it.

You can now toot from the commandline.

Try it out

toot "This is the sound of a man, tooting on a commandline"