I am shutting down my PeerTube server — (and I am not the only one) it's just not worth it. This blog is hosted on write.as, my pictures are somewhere in silos, too, and even though I run mastodon.bayern, it's not a “private instance,” either.

PeeTube has no real working discoverability built in. So I still have to head to the Twitters and Facebooks (and Mastodons, but despite a decent following it doesn't get 1/18th of the actual content discovery I get from Twitter) to tell people “hey, I made a thing.” I don't wanna. I want to write. I want to make videos. I don't want to market the shit out of them just so I go from one viewer to three.

I guess it started with Google declaring RSS dead. A bold move to force more discovery into the hands of the search engine itself, but one that backfired and gave Facebook and Twitter the authority in content discovery. YouTube integrates nicely, has its own discovery feature, and it kind of feels nice to actually notice new subscribers rather than just seeing numbers increment by orders of magnitude.

I don't ever want to go back, chasing the next zero or the next higher tier. I don't want to make content designed for clicks anymore, but I also don't want to create for a void. PeerTube is basement jazz, no matter how well you play, it's rarely heard. It's fun to be read, and more so, it's better to be debated, to be questioned, to have to defend one's ideas not from dogma but from reason and science.

The latter is missing here. write.as does not have a comment function, too many users of this software would rather be the pope than Einstein, rather be a preacher than a scientist. So I still remain on Twitter and Mastodon and Facebook, just to have that conversation. Maybe one day this place or somewhere else will grow into something with both discoverability and discussion. For the time being, however, I guess debate will happen elsewhere.