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I've started a little collection of pictures from #Cyprus. Includes my 3x2.6m room :)

#nicosia #euc #cyprus

So I am in #Nicosia, #Cyprus. Last divided city in Europe, Greek Cypriots to the south, north and east of me are UN security zones, then the internationally not recognized Turkish part of the island.

Nicosia is fun. Cypriots are amazingly friendly and outgoing, helpful to a fault even. A welcome change to Germany, where general assholery is a virtue in business matters. My digs, on the other hand are something entirely different from the world outside.

This is a student housing thingie. 460 Students have moved in, so far, 80 more are expected until school starts on Tuesday.

People here are unfriendly, often showing open bored disgust with each other and their surroundings, the kind of “cool kid” vibe usually reserved for Jeremy Kyle or Dr. Phil episodes. The art of chewing gum with an open mouth while keeping a frown up seems to be the most practiced skill here.

Four more days until the welcome ceremony, a shindig I'll probably be the only one attending by myself. Still, unless Uni life is anything like the vibe in Student Housing, I'll be fine.

In the meantime I am trying to figure out how to stream a Vysor window with OBS or to find an alternative solution to live stream on screen drawing that does not murder my Surface Pro 6's GPU and CPU.

Computer KonMari — moving to #Cyprus has had a profound effect on my tech collection... and serves as a pretty stark reminder that I have a problem with tech hoarding. I simply can't let go. Older computers are still “good” for something, older cellphones can still serve as Arduino controllers, and those mice and keyboards... you never know when you'll need one.

Seriously, I have a problem. Here's to hoping that moving into a 30m³ flat and earning next to nothing for a while will cure me.


The Amigas I learned to code on. That's the 90s, people. Since 2004 those two have been traveling with me, nine moves if I counted correctly.